Mein Januar in Fotos

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Wishing you a happy new year filled with joy, love, happiness, good
friends and family, wonderful memories and good health //
Ich liebe meinen Kalender von Herr Pfeffer //
The best things to do on the first day of the new year:
watch the holiday, drink champagne and eat leftover tiramisu! //
Tannenzweige bei einem Waldspaziergang //

Good Morning, Darling! // BEN & JERRY’S Ice Cream Truck in Vermont, USA –
I love this Ice Cream so much! // my heart is full of wanderlust und
ich würde so gerne verreisen // yummy dinner with peas & tofu…

Loving memories of san francisco // Good Morning,
it’s almost weekend! Ich mag meine Espresso Müsli am Morgen…. //
I love you to the moon and back! //
…being creative will never go out of style! Da bin ich mir sicher!

Good Morning! Breakfast with granola, joghurt & peaches! //
I just love this nail polish from benecos! //
Baking pumkin waffles for an afternoon snack // Good morning, snowy day! //

very berry smoothie // 116 Street in NYC – Good Memories //
View over NYC – I want back to NYC // fruits for a very berry smoothie

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